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The landscape for financial services institutions is changing rapidly in the wake of globalization and international deregulation. New competition from highly-specialized niche players and ever-progressing technological advancements are challenging traditional business models. Emerging global trends like international expansion, industry consolidation, end-to-end risk management and the war for talent are forcing financial institutions to rethink their strategic direction. To remain competitive, institutions must now balance short-term cost control and revenue generation efforts with sustainable long-term growth strategies that include the creation of profitable, loyal customer relationships.

Global Consulting Group has been working with leading financial services institutions to rethink strategic priorities. The goal: to create a sustainable positive impact on our client's performance in the face of this changing business landscape. We unite local knowledge with global experience for Customer-Centric Transformations. Our teams of experts have developed and applied state-of-the-art, client-specific strategies, customer-centric management tools and techniques for the financial services sector. We align people, processes and technology to effectively attract, grow and keep customers.